Custom Fit Knee

Custom fit knee: Knee that suits your body structure.

Signature tech visionaire Technique:

As no two knees are similar, the patient’s knee is first assessed with an MRI and images are sent to the US (Memphis) where a 3d model prepared matches exactly to the actual knee of the patient. Then the cutting jigs/blocks are prepared so that the best cuts can be made on the model. These jigs are then marked for that patient and sent to the surgeon. The jigs bear the name of the patient. It cannot be used on any other patient, and can’t be reused. The surgeon conducts the operation to perfection with lesser time, smaller incision lesser soft tissue dissection and perfect alignment. Faster recovery is ensured. The need of navigation is now disappearing after the introduction of this technique. Dr. Harprit says, “I personally feel that such a surgery has revolutionized orthopaedics”. All our patients are satisfied and happily leading their lives.

Benefits of custom knee replacement:
1. EFFICIENT: surgery is more efficient as measuring and matching is model prior to surgery.
2. SMALLER INCISION: surgery is less invasive as the surgeon can work in a smaller area.
3. PATIENT SPECIFIC IMPLANTS AND BLOCKS: best knee functions for each patient thus reducing the recovery time.
4. Better alignment as it enables greater accuracy.
5. Less bleeding.
6. Usually no physiotherapy.
7. Usually no blood transfusion.
8. Less chances of infection.


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Custom Fit Total Knee Replacement - Video

Custom Fit Total Knee Replacement [TKR] – VISIONAIRE [Smith-nephew] By Aisa No.1 orthonova hospital.