Gold Knee Replacement

The best & the most expensive knee implant available in the market. It is anti allergic & anti infective. Has very low wear rate (60% less than normally used Co-Cr alloy).

The innovative knee to prevent allergic reaction and to have substantially improved wear. These A.S knee implants offer a ground breaking solution for patients with sensitivity (eg) reaction on nickel, chrome or cobalt.

Indeed metal sensitivity contributes implant loosening and A.S Knee prevents all this.
Benefits of A.S Knee:
Bio compatible
Works for 30-35 years
60% low wear rate
Anti-allergic knee

The first and till now the only centre in North India, upto Delhi performing this technique. ‘Gold knee’- The most successful, the most expensive & the best knee available in the market.


Dr. Harprit's Mother's Knee Replacement

Dr. Harprit has implanted this best knee to his mother. She walked on the first day without support. Was at BARISTA on the 5th day.