Dressing & Plasters

Project Description

    Dressing & Plasters

    Wound dressings play a large role in the healing process. These products protect the affected area from outside invaders such as bacteria and, ideally, create an environment that will support healthy healing. One dressing category many clinicians turn to is the foam dressing. Learn more about this product category so you and your clinician can make an informed decision together concerning the best healing plan for you.

    The Plaster Service

    We work with the Orthopaedic Team in the management of new fractures, soft tissue injuries; Orthopaedic trauma, post-op orthopaedic and trauma follow up cases.

    The Orthopaedic Clinic is for patients who have sustained an injury that has already been treated and further follow-up of that injury is required to monitor progress

    At the Fracture Clinic x-rays are taken on arrival to check the position of the bone in a cast and to decide when other steps in management such as re-manipulation of fracture, removal of a cast or change of the management plan is required. All this Management work under the supervision of chief Surgeon “Dr Harprit Singh”.

    We assess and treat both out and in-patients referred by the Orthopaedic Team and Emergency Department Consultants