Total Knee Replacement

Typically a patient of knee replacement evaluation undergoes

Admission same day / 1day prior for Investigation
8-10minute surgery
Incision 10-15cm (option for mis 8cm).
ICU for 1 or 1/2 day.
No pain or minimal pain.
Walking / Standing in 12hrs.
Discharge in 4days (Day care also available)
Stitches removal on 12th day (operation for stitch less).
No Physiotherapy.
No blood transfusion even in Bilateral Replacement.
No or 0.2% Infection chances.
Sit cross legged / walk stairs.


Knee Replacement at a Glance in Orthonova

Since all surgeons are not the same and have different training and experience, so the techniques are also different.

knee replacement hospital Results

Asia No.1 knee replacement hospital Results/Recovery after total knee replacement – what to expect?

Sitting Cross Legged After Knee Replacement

Sardar Ram Singh dancing after surgery, Both Knee and Both Hip Replacement.

Orthonova Hospital Results

Both knees and both hips replaced : still dancing, Mr. Ram Singh