Total Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement at a Glance in Orthonova

Total Knee Replacement

Typically a patient of knee replacement evaluation undergoes

  • Admission same day / 1day prior for Investigation
  • 8-10minute surgery
  • Incision 10-15cm (option for MIS 8cm).
  • ICU for 1 or 1/2 day.
  • No pain or minimal pain.
  • Walking / Standing in 12hrs.
  • Discharge in 4days (Day care also available)
  • Stitches removal on 12th day (operation for stitch less).
  • No Physiotherapy.
  • No blood transfusion even in Bilateral Replacement.
  • No or 0.2% Infection chances.
  • Sit cross legged / walk stairs.

Since all surgeons are not the same and have different training and experience, so the techniques are also different. With over 14 lac walk in patients & 38,500 joint replacements & 55,500 operations in 25 years of service with 99.8% Success rate

Sit cross legged

Full Flex