Zero Infection

The topmost achievement Dr. Harprit has under his belt is the assurance of zero percent infection in primary surgeries. Orthonova, is the only hospital in India and amongst the very few in the world to have zero percent infection rate, despite the overpowering number of surgeries and outdoor patients, And it is only the result of hard earned practices and strict sterilisation, modern OT and less surgical time. Also, Dr. Harprit personally supervises the sterilization of his operation theatres and pre and post-operative units.

No shoes or dust in the joint replacement area plus the disinfection at a war-scale makes clean the floor and people have to change their slippers before entering the patient's rooms. Also not more than two attendants are allowed in a single room. Currently we have 0% infection rate, which is also minimal. The hospital not only provides the atmost technology quality and cleanliness but also claims to have 99.8 percent success rate." There has been no case of infection in the past four years.