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Orthonova Hospital is now NABH Accredited and empanelled with "AYUSHMAN BHARAT YOJANA"
Since its inception in 1997, Orthonova hospital has been the leader in the field of orthopaedics. From the last 25 years it has been delivering the best orthopaedic care to the region, to more than 14 lac patients with orthopaedic problems. All the latest techniques may it be in trauma, closed interlock nailing for fractures, Computer Navigation in knee and hip replacement, customized knee replacements, for (Standing MRI), Hiflex Knee, RP Knees, Hinge Knee, Total Femur Replacement, Gold Knee, Oxinium Knee, I Knee, Ortho-Align, Robotics, Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction, Meniscal Suturing, Mosaic Plasty (Cartilage Grafting) in Sports Injury, Percutaneous Spine Fixation etc. Orthonova paved the way thereby bringing relief to thousands of suffering people.

The Surgeon - Dr. Harprit Singh is one of the most experienced surgeon in India. He has sharpened his skills by working with several TOP most surgeons all over the world & has attained International fellowships & overseas appreciation from Germany, Australia, France, UK, US and many more countries.

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1st time in North India



Concept of next generation of ROBOTIC SURGERY FOR KNEE REPLACEMENT by the name of ROSA (USA) (FDA APPROVED) - 1st time in North India
  • Only 3 centres are offering this, highly advanced Knee Replacement all over India.


  • Minimal Incision
  • Less Pain
  • Greater life of joint
  • Greater Flexibility
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Dr. Harprit Singh

(Director & Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon)

Dr. Harprit is a renowned Doctor and Pioneer in deploying new international techniques for Orthopaedics in India from Orthonova Hospital. He is a well decorated Surgeon with 4 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals and has fellowships in over 12 international Hospitals and Medical Facilities. He has won many international and state awards and is well documented in the press. He is a specialist in Knee, Hip, Shoulder Joint replacement and has an enviable success rate of 99.8%.

From time to time, senior surgeon for US, Germany & other countries visit the hospital & operation to share & imbibe knowledge. The Hospital got a short in the arm when it acquired stryker Navigation in 2006, then zoomed to the top internationally in 2014, when it acquired 4th generation navigation (Only centre in India to have 2 navigation system). Dr. Harprit believes in operating all the surgeries himself thereby passing his vast experience of 25 years and more than 38500 joint replacement surgeries and 55500 other orthopaedic operations directly to the patients. This type of work sometimes brings him to face 18-20 major operations in a single day.

As a knee expert, Dr. Harprit has developed knee replacement surgery to such a height that people seek his expert opinion from for away places in India like Delhi, Mumbai even upto shillong, UP, Andhra Pradesh and overseas from UK, USA, Germany, Hongkong, Kenya and other countries. Acclaimed not just nationally, Orthonova has also received appreciation from overseas. In a survey conduced by World Wide Achievers in 2014, Orthonova Hospital has been ranked on the top in the category of Orthopaedics in North India. The hospital not only provides utmost technology, quality, and cleanliness but also claims to have 99.8% success rate and has been awarded Hot Brand of India for the year 2012, as the hospital with 0% infection.


Dr. Harprit personally supervises sterilization procedures & cleanliness. The rooms, Corridors, leave alone the ICU & OT, are spotlessly clean & sterilized. Regular cultures for Bacteria are done even in the rooms. No doubt the Hospital has near zero% infection for 5yrs now (in all the primary cases).

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