Fellowships :

  • Exeter, England.
  • Nepean Hospital, Sydney, Australia.
  • Poly Clinic d'Argonay, France.
  • St. Marian Hospital, Borken, Germany.
  • Orthopaedische Klinik, Markgroningen, Germany.
  • Hochwaldkrankenhaus, Bad Nauheim, Germany.
  • Methodist Hospital, Texas Medical Centre, Houston, USA.
  • St. Peter's University Hospital, New Jersey, USA.
  • Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons, UK.
  • Helios Endo Klinik, Hamburg, Germany.
  • Advanced Instructional Course, OXFORD, UK.
  • St. Vincent Hospital LA, USA.
  • Rush University Medical Center Chicago, USA.
  • Weiss Memorial Hospital Chicago, USA.
  • Pius-Hospital Odenburg, Germany.
  • University Hospital, Barcelona.
  • Krankenhaus Hedwigshohe, Hohensteig, Berlin, Germany.
  • Waldkrankenhaus Eisenberg Thuringen, Germany.
  • O.-L.-V. -van Lourdes Ziekenhuis Waregem, Belgium.
Worked with top most Surgeons of the World
Doing Himself - That's Harprit Singh

Here at Orthonova, Dr. Harprit, checks all the OPD patients himself and performs all operations, may it be trauma, TKR, THR, Arthroscopy, Spine surgery himself.

He monitors all Scans/X-ray himself, checks all the dressings, applies POP, monitors the sterilization of OT's, gives I/A+ Injection all by himself.

Awards :

  • Shan-E-Hind Award- 2018.
  • Pioneers In Health Care 2018- INDIA TODAY.
  • Doyens of Healthcare 2017-The Tribune.
  • Zee Pride of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal-Awards-2017.
  • PTC Punjabi- Achievers Awards 2016.
  • The Real Saviours 2015- DAINIK JAGRAN.
  • Achievers of North, 2014- THE TIMES OF INDIA.
  • Business Wizard of the North 2014- INDIA TODAY.
  • Health Excellence Awards 2014- WORLDWIDE ACHIEVERS (P) LTD.
  • New Age Entrepreneur of the North 2014- HINDUSTAN TIMES
  • Icon of Punjab- THE TIMES OF INDIA-2013.
  • Icon of Jalandhar- THE TIMES OF INDIA-2013.
  • Health Pioneers of North India 2013- THE TIMES OF INDIA.
  • Achievers of the North- THE TIMES OF INDIA-2013.
  • National Award for Excellence in knee replacement-2005.